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Get 3CX Certified and power up your profitability and productivity by taking the FREE 3CX Certified Engineer and/or 3CX Advanced Certified tests.

Prepare Yourself for the 3CX Certified Engineer Test
Watch the Basic 3CX Online Training Video series to prepare yourself for the 3CX Certified Engineer test. The Basic 3CX Video series shows you how to install 3CX Phone System, phone provisioning, basic troubleshooting techniques and more! 

Prepare Yourself for the 3CX Advanced Certified Test
Watch the Advanced 3CX Online Training Video series to prepare yourself for the 3CX Advanced Certified test. You will need to have passed the 3CX Certified Engineer test before taking the 3CX Advanced Certified test.

The Advanced 3CX Video series shows you how to provision templates, configure bridges, advanced troubleshooting techniques and more! 

Upon passing each certification level, 3CX Partners are awarded with a certificate and a 3CX Certified Engineer or 3CX Advanced Certified logo. Many 3CX Certified Partners use their certification logos on their websites and office stationery such as business cards and letterheads thus distinguishing themselves by promoting the fact that they are 3CX Certified Partners.

Please note:

  • You can only take each certification test once.
  • You must create your User Account using only the standard English character set. Using an extended character set will render your certificate unreadable.
  • Multiple accounts leading to a certificate WILL invalidate that certificate.
  • If you would like to re-take the test, please send an email to academy@3cx.comA retest after a suitable interval for preparation will eventually be allowed.
  • If you enrolled into one certification test, and you wish to reveal alternative languages or the advanced test, click on the "All courses" button below.